Indoor Axe Throwing – Is It Really Safe?

Are condoms safe? Is bungee jumping safe? Is skydiving safe? Yes, if you follow the instructions! Indoor axe throwing is just as safe if the throwers listen to the court coaches and follow the house rules.

Axe Throwing – Are There Safety Standards?

I see you thinking, I see the doubt in your face. But it’s not nonsense! Like any other sport, indoor axe throwing is only as safe as the respect the players have for the rules. Because safety considerations are important to this cool activity, ax throwing associations have established safety standards to ensure the sport is safe for the throwers, spectators and staff of the ax throwing bars.

House rules for your safety

  • Course coaches give a free short 15 minute training to all players explaining how to handle the axes safely and especially how to throw safely. This 15 minutes is in addition to the normal session time;
  • Axe throwing is not permitted for customers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  • Closed shoes are required so that your feet and toes are protected should an ax fall from your hands;
  • Course coaches are on hand to make sure everyone is having a good time and that the rules are followed;
  • It is not allowed to throw at live targets! It doesn’t matter how good you think you are;
  • Spectators are kept a safe distance from the pitchers;
  • A customer who does not follow the rules will not be allowed on the track!

How was the job made safe?

  • The lanes are separated by fencing so that an ax cannot end up on another lane;
  • The lanes have a soft floor to prevent pitchers from slipping or an ax from bouncing;
  • Orbits and targets are checked before each session.

The axes are safe because…

  • Only axes with a wooden handle are used so that if they fall they don’t bounce back so hard;
  • Only axes of a certain weight and size are allowed;
  • Axes are checked before each session;
  • Axes that are damaged are immediately removed.

Axe Throwing is safer than you think…

Indoor axe throwing is so safe that customers with walking difficulties or in a wheelchair are more than welcome! Even if you are visually impaired you can reserve a job and throw a few axes. Our track coaches are trained to help everyone!

Wow… a whole bunch of measures, but following these rules ensures that you and other guests have a good time!

Our next blog will be about the different techniques for throwing an axe.

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