Axe Throwing

Think darts but bigger and with axes! Axe throwing is a fun group activity where you throw axes at wooden targets within secured fenced lanes. Challenge your friends or colleagues to a friendly game and to see who is the ultimate Viking!

What to expect

Each session starts with an axe throwing lesson and safety demonstration by one of our trained lane coaches. The staff will teach you the necessary technique to hit the bullseye, so no experience is needed. They will also guide you through the safety instructions and house rules. Download our rules here.

Types of Lanes

We have two types of lanes at our location. They are Interactive Lanes and Standard Lanes.

Our interactive Lanes allow you to choose from our interactive games. We offer, tic tac toe, standard axe throwing target and moving axe throwing targets. We are always trying to improve our offering and will be adding more games in the future.

Our standard lanes are the static axe throwing lanes from WATL. They are the typical lane for the axe thrower who wants to master their techniques or league participants who wants to practice for potential national or international championship.

Reasons to try

It’s fun and easy!
It’s a lot easier than you think. Axe throwing is for anyone. The trick is, its not about power, it’s about the technique!

Ideal for company outing
Forget about the same old activities you have been doing every year! This new and unique activity is awesome for team bonding and everyone will love it!

Right amount of Competition
With the games that we offer, there is a healthy level of competition for those who want to have a friendly match or those who want to be the ultimate Viking!

Awesome Date Night Experience
Come learn to throw axes with your significant other.

Great For Team Building
Axe throwing is ideal way to spend some quality time with friends and some competitive time with colleagues!

Need a new Hobby? – Join our league
You will be surprised by how much fun you will have done something so unique!

Include it in your bucket list
You will be surprised by how much fun you will have done something so unique!

Stress Relief
Throwing axes at a wooden target releases the right amount of adrenaline perfect for reducing stress.


Axe throwing at Scheveningen offers an exhilarating new experience in a safe environment supervised by our trained lane coaches. Our lanes, lane coach training, rules, axes and techniques are consistent with the WATL and IATF standards.

Built with safety in mind, each lane is secured between steel and wooden fences that are 3 meter high and 3.65 meter long. This controls any possible bounce back of axes. The floor of the lanes are covered with rubber to help to absorb the bounce of the axe. Both the rubber floor and the wooden axe handle work together to ensure that the bouncing of axe is minimised.

Lane coaches are always present and guests under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not permitted to throw. Hard alcohol is not served before or during an axe throwing session.

We ensure a safe and fun environment for our guests and employees. And a safe and fun experience to unleash your inner Viking!

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