Axe Throwing 101

Throwing Techniques

Our lane coaches will show you the two proper ways of throwing axes. They are:

Double handed throw – with 2 hands above the middle of the head

Single handed throw – With one hand over the shoulder

When throwing, take a step for the momentum and while stepping release the axe when your arm reaches eye level. Remember to not step over the safety line. Keep your stance, the follow through is important after you release the axe. Running away or pulling your hands away – do not help! It is also important that you focus on where you are throwing. It helps! There is no need to try and flick your wrist. The axe will rotate on its own, once it gets the momentum.

Are you missing the mark?

The ideal distance for axe throwing depends on your height and your axe throwing style. The stepping area for throwing the axe is always marked, this is the ideal distance to hit the bullseye given the weight of our axe and the average height of throwers. If you are having problems sticking the axe, then you may need to change your distance depending on whether you are too close or too far away.

Under rotation – If the axe handle hits the target first, you are too close! The axe needs more space for the head to reach the target and complete the rotation. Move back a bit and try again!

Over rotation – If the axe head (eye or butt) hits the target first, you are too far away! Come closer a bit and try again!

Are you missing the mark?

Our Axes are made of steel heads and wooden handles and are checked before each session, to ensure that they are in good order. The maximum length of our axes is 43 cm and the maximum weight is 1.3KG. This is the optimal dimension to ensure the axe sticks easily without tiring your arms. The wooden handle is perfect to absorb the bounce if the axe falls.

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